-YIN & SOUND HEALING all levels -

Also known as "the practice of quiet power", Yin Yoga invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and bones. the Yin practice includes long holds of passive, yet powerful poses, giving the body time to open and release.  The practice benefits the mental and emotional aspects as we are asked to focus on the breath, live in the present moment, and let go.  Give yourself this opportunity to surrender, be still and come back into balance.   Classes close with sound bath of crystal singing bowls to bring mind, body and spirit in balance and to a awaken your senses.  No experience needed.  Wear comfy clothes and extra layers.

-NIDRA all levels-

Yoga nidra is based on the ancient teachings of meditation and loosely translates as “the sleep of the yogi.” This process of meditative self-inquiry guides us through all the layers that make up who we are and helps to awaken us from our “sleep” of conditioned patterns, habits and self-limiting beliefs in order to live as our true nature. Yoga nidra helps to eliminate stress, engage healing, resolve trauma and neutralize anxiety, fear, anger, depression, insomnia and chronic pain. With consistent practice the qualities of joy, peace, empathy, forgiveness, and loving kindness towards ourselves and others begin to express more freely in our lives.

The class will begin with 15 minutes of gentle yoga poses* to help our body-minds settle into stillness. Then, while reclining in a nest of blankets (or if you prefer sitting upright), you will traverse the ten stages of yoga nidra through a guided meditation that will step-by-step release tension in the body and the mind. 

* The yoga poses are optional; you may prefer to settle by following your breath alone.

-RESTORATIVE all levels-

Restorative yoga is a gentle form of yoga that uses props to encourage a deep state of relaxation. By supporting various parts of your body with bolsters, blocks or blankets, you can fully surrender to the pose and relax every part of your body.  Restorative yoga helps relieve the effects of chronic stress, heal the body from injury, and promote greater well-being.

-HATHA all levels- 

This class is intended to support you back into your radiant center through meditative awareness of structural alignment, through LIGHTing up the bones of the body, aligning to source energy, untangling the nervous system with the fullness of the breath; revealing the naked heart, and taping into the Love that already is.  All are welcome!


This class is paced to allow a deep focus on alignment, increase body and postural awareness, and link breath with movement. We will work to establish a solid foundation of stability to allow for safe mobility and movement. The fundamental goal is to utilize yogic techniques to manage health challenges/injuries, restore balance, increase vitality, and prevent injury and premature aging.

This class is appropriate for beginners, those recovering from injury/coping with illness, as well as experienced practitioners looking to deepen their knowledge of the body and ensure proper/safe alignment in their practice. 

-CHAKRA FLOW all levels -

Chakra Flow is a 60 minute Vinyasa styled class themed around our 7 main Chakras. We will move through 7 mini flows, each dedicated to a specific Chakra with the intention to explore a physical, emotional and psychological release of stagnate energy – thus brining us closer to our higher, true selves.

-VINYASA FLOW all levels -  

Flow mindfully and gracefully through compassionate sequences to balance body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Unite and explore your whole, true self as we move and breathe with focused awareness and meaningful purpose. Suitable for all levels, with modifications offered for beginners and advanced variations offered for the more experienced practitioner. Breath work and meditation will accompany asana practice for a well rounded experience.

-VINYASA FLOW levels 2/3 -

A dynamic flow building skills around more advanced poses and for the student seeking a challenge.  We recommend taking at least 10 all levels classes before advancing to level 2/3 classes.   


Vinyasa Flow Yoga with a little heat! (we warm the room to about 90 degrees) The heat allows you to get into the poses more deeply and effectively.  When your body is warm, it creates a greater range of movement in the joints, muscles, ligaments, and other supporting structures of the body.  Bring water and a towel.

-ASHTANGA INSPIRED all levels -  

Mindfully embedded in the rich tradition of yoga, this class is a gateway to most modern vinyasa classes.  Working through the intelligence of the primary series, known as "yoga chikitsa" or yoga therapy, you will experience a full body practice establishing strength, balance, flexibility and focus from the ground up.  

While maintaining a systematic approach through the set sequence, the series is modified for all body types yet consistent to permit you to recognize patterns in your body so that deeper layers of your practice will unfold.  As you memorize the postures over time, practice becomes a moving meditation allowing you to draw your senses inward creating a fertile path to self-discovery. 

A strong emphasis is placed on the Tristhana method, a combination of the 3 focal points: breath, gaze, and asanas (posture + bandhas) allowing you to be completely present and aware during practice.   The pulsating rhythm of class is steady yet challenging while offering ample opportunities for more specific verbal cues and physical adjustments.

-TOTAL ALIGNMENT all levels-

Total alignment and a tranquil and fun all levels, all ages class that works through every part of the body, brain and nervous system to achieve equilibrium, strength and peace.  Individual attention is provided to every person in the room to achieve personalized balance in the body.  

-ALIGN & FLOW all levels-

This is an intermediate, sometimes advanced, yoga class integrating vinyasa, subtle body awareness, pranayama/breath work techniques, meditation, and alignment awareness. No class will be the same, offering the students the opportunity to work particular parts of the body and gain insight into self-awareness through movement and exploration. Poses will be held for longer periods of time to promote strength building and body awareness. Flowing movements are integrated with mindful breath and class ends with a sweet cool down.

-YOGALATES all levels-

Fusing the practice of Yoga and Pilates, this class helps to stretch, tone and strengthen the body, with emphasis on abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, enhancing one's overall practice.   Breathe work incorporated to restore mind and body into balance . Good for beginners, and with more challenging options for the more experienced.  

-HOT POWER FUSION level 2/3 -

Hot Power Fusion combines the intensity and movement of a power yoga class with the feel and heat of a traditional hot class. This class brings together strength, balance, and breath. The pace of this dynamic class provides space for a moving meditation while increasing core strength and flexibility. This is an all levels class with a variety of options and modifications for every body. 

-YOGA SCULPT level 2/3-

A sweaty, dynamic flow with added intensity for those looking to take it up a notch. This class integrates a strong vinyasa yoga practice with free weights, strength-training and cardio all to the beat of the music. 


A blend of long holds, core work, inversions, arm-balances, high intensity cardio intervals, and vinyasa flows, this class is one big sweaty yoga party!  Pumped with great (and loud) music and positive vibes, you will leave feeling elated, and exhausted yet energized!




We recommend you take at least 10 all levels classes before advancing to 2/3.  


Our studio is equipped with energy efficient Heating Green Infrared Heaters.   While we use these heaters for temperature control in the winter for all classes, this is primarily how we heat our studio for Heated Yoga Classes. 

Why and How Infrared Works:

  • Infrared or radiant heating is simply the transfer of heat from a warm object to a cooler object. The heat is a product of a completely safe spectrum of light that is invisible to our eyes.
  • Just as the sun, these heaters radiate sun-like warmth to objects the yoga room - walls, floors, and people, rather than heating the air, and without the sun damage of course.
  • These technologies amount to safe, clean, low-cost energy, friendly to our bodies and to the environment.
  • By comparison, systems like forced air, baseboard, and wall heaters only heat the air. Because warm air rises in the presence of cooler air, the heated air can be easily sucked away by drafts or wind, and must be replaced frequently by more heated air in order to sustain ambient comfort. This all amounts to wasted energy.
  • This heat enables your body to more easily warm up into yoga poses and provides a soothing, ambient quality to your practice.  


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