Power Cardio Flow™ was carefully crafted by Allison Workman and Megan Rae Kahn.  PCF is a revolutionary approach to yoga and fitness, and has attracted a cult following of devoted yogis seeking a low impact, technically simple, yet high intensity practice. 

This is a circuit style class blending long power yoga style holds, high intensity intervals, and vinyasa flows. We honor the practice of yoga, include meditation and pranayama and provide playful mini workshops on inversions and arm balances.  

Why you'll love this class...

  • Adds the cardio and HIIT you may not normally get in an everyday yoga class. Cardio is important for weight loss/maintenance, heart, mental and overall health.
  • Helps build the strength required to flow more effortlessly in your other yoga classes.
  • High energy class with great music, fosters a positive & supportive community seeking a fun and lighthearted class. 
  • Stay lean, strong and fit while still getting your beloved dose of yoga in a flow state with the breath.  
  • Practice 1-3 times a week and you will see improvement! It works!
  • The class supports you in form and function for the other things you do in your life. Whether hiking, running, biking, skiing, surfing, rafting, or chasing around your kids, this class is meant to help you feel more at ease in everything else you do. 
  • The same format runs for the entire month, so the more often you come, the most accustom you will become with the routine. 

Power Cardio Flow™ is offered...

Tuesday and Thursday 12 - 1