Kim LeTourneau

Kim’s yoga journey started discreetly in 2002 in her cozy Frisco A-frame living room with a handful of VHS tapes, a towel, and absolutely no idea what she was doing. She could never get comfortable in downward dog and struggled to find insight in any warrior position. Yet, something about the practice continued to intrigue her.  

A move to the Front Range opened doors and Kim found her way to series of classes for beginner yogis, in a cute little breakfast cafe that moonlighted as a yoga studio in the evenings. The 8-week class focused on alignment, modifications, breathing, props and she finally began to find what she was looking for in her yoga practice. She learned that the slightest adjustment in her hands during downward dog made all the difference, and instead of grimacing and being thankful when it was time to transition to something else, she began to connect to her breath and appreciate the time spent upside down. During her time in Denver she dabbled at several different studios and found something a bit different at each one and with each teacher.

And then, at the age of 30, Kim had an ischemic stroke that kept her in the hospital for over a week. Her doctor restricted all activity for three months including yoga, skiing and Kim’s other favorite activity, riding horses. After the three months were up, she rolled out her mat for the first time and found such joy in her return to yoga that it brought tears to her eyes and the realization of how important the practice had become to her.

In 2014, Kim’s personal yoga journey led her to CorePower Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training. She arrived at the first night of training nervous, feeling unprepared and a bit unworthy - never feeling quite as bendy or strong as some of her fellow yogis. But, she discovered several things during her time with her fellow teachers in training. First - every body can do yoga, and every body can benefit from a yoga practice. Second - modifications and props can provide an opportunity for everyone to have access to the benefits of yoga. Third - the yoga community as a whole is amazingly welcoming and our journey together is about self-discovery, each of us coming to our mat from a different starting point and with a different set of personal challenges. And finally, she realized she was capable of more than she first thought and was ready to begin her new journey as a yoga teacher. She hopes to provide a place that welcomes yogis of all levels and to help students realize through their yoga practice that they are capable of more than they first thought.  

Off her yoga mat, Kim has a number of other interests and hobbies including hiking, riding and showing horses, keeping bees, catching fish and enjoying the mountain view from her back porch. She is currently working as a secretary at the Salida Middle School, and has an eclectic collection of previous places of employment including a county jail and the Denver Zoo.