Lindsay Davis

Lindsay Davis is a certified life and business coach and yoga teacher. She’s also a musician, mom, wife of a veteran, criminal psychology aficionado, student of life and outdoor adventurer.

She is certified and holds advanced training in Shambhava yoga and meditation—a hatha lineage dedicated to the opening of the heart that fuels her own spirit as well as contributes to her lens to help her clients connect mind, body AND spirit as a whole-hearted embodiment of success and impact. Lindsay loves the focus and flow found in the practice of vinyasa as a way to balance and bring together the whole-heartedness of POWER and FLOW, as well as of mirroring yoga (union of mind/body/soul) OFF of the mat in life. Each pose in a vinyasa class symbolizes a moment or a shape one can take that is there to impart its wisdom. In between each pose is an opportunity to embrace the movement and infuse each movement with the energy or life force one would love to bring to life. She has a way of encouraging people to create the impossible in life and also practically do what’s now and what’s needed.

When you come to a yoga class with Lindsay prepare to set distinct focus, to infuse the ancient wisdom with modern application and to trust yourself to honor what’s needed for your body and soul to thrive.

And just because we are curious about our yoga teachers OFF of the mat---professionally as a coach, she likes to say she is her client’s “secret success partner” behind the scenes helping them thrive, embrace scrappy resilience and have a lot of fun being successful. Lindsay loves to work with highly dedicated out-of-the-box creatives, heart-led leaders, and healers who want to be able to share their message with the world, spend their time doing rewarding work and also make money without sacrificing who they are or what they value most.

Her coaching process is built around the creative cycle, the somatic connection between mind and body, and down to earth can-do, proven systems.

Lindsay claims her first “life coach” was her music teacher, Barbara Hamilton Primus of the Colorado Chamber Players who taught Lindsay what it really means to be dedicated to your craft and how to always come from the “artist within”.

As a coach, Lindsay has trained directly with Heather Dominick, founder and leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur movement where she learned business and energetic practices to own her highly attuned intuition and sensitivity as a strength both personally and professionally.

Following her time with Heather, Lindsay directly studied (and continues to study) with Steve Chandler who is a global speaker, author, and fondly known as  “the Godfather of Coaching”.

She’s also trained with Jason Goldberg (author of Prison Break, speaker and coach) and many other coaches and mentors along her path.

Whether in mind-body practices or leadership development, Lindsay considers ongoing education and deeper experience a part of her professional joy and responsibility – and an expression of her creative heart, dedication to mastery and a way to always give the highest service possible to each of her rockstar clients. No matter who they are, or what they are creating in the world---when they walk through the doors, THEY are the real stars of the show!