Ivy Bergemann

Ivy is new to teaching yoga, earning her YTT 200hr here in Salida, this past May. Her goal as a yoga instructor is to provide a space to allow yourself to feel inward with love. She wants to guide a practice that allows us to heal and connect with ourselves and others. Ivy’s unique structure includes mindfulness, alignment breath, and playful movement to create well balanced feeling of emotional healing and accomplishment. Her intention for every class to leave everyone feeling empowered. 

Originally from Iowa, Ivy moved to Salida in 2015 to do photography at Monarch. Moving all around the U.S. in the summers she always came back in the winters, not being able to keep herself from the beautiful mountains and community that is Salida. She now works as a Dental Assistant and is attending school working towards becoming a Dental Hygienist. She is also a portrait photographer and enjoys camping in the mountains with her family. 

Ivy found yoga back in high school when she was scrummaging through old VHS tapes of her mother’s, she found Denise Austin’s Yoga tape. She would practice from this so often she began offering yoga to her P.E. class at school. Honoring the ease of working out with yoga is what ultimately struck her attention until last year, when an unforeseen event lead to her mother’s passing. Ivy sought out yoga to guide her through the grieving path. With the support of her community she decided that now was the time to do what she loves and proceed in being the best self she can be.