New to Salida and new to Yoga Olas, Allison’s goal is to ramp up the positive energy in your practice.  To attain this goal she’s merging a little Texas heat with the powerful vibes of a mountain flow.  Allison’s motto is MOVE HAPPY.  Whether moving in the flow of a yoga class or in the flow of life, Allison wants to guide you through a practice that will allow you to move strong, confident and HAPPY.

Allison’s first yoga class was 16 years ago in Lubbock, TX at Texas Tech University.   After sustaining an injury due to triathlon training, a friend recommended the class, and there was an instant connection.   The connection at first was simply the movement and the benefits of increased strength and flexibility in daily training and recovery.  Fast-forward through countless yoga videos, books, classes and practice, yoga became more than just injury recovery and movement.  A shift in thoughts and mindset led to freedom of long held insecurities and anxiety over body image.  Balance on the mat led to balance in all aspects of life.  Consistent practice fostered growth, strength and confidence and Allison eventually attended 200-hour yoga teacher training at American Power Yoga in Dallas.  A continual student of all styles of yoga, the challenge of a powerful vinyasa flow practice in a heated room is her favorite. 

Allison’s professional life has taken many paths from marketing and sales, to non-profit fundraising and education.  Job opportunities allowed for moves around the state of Texas from Lubbock to Austin and eventually Dallas.  Itching for a career change, Allison decided to merge her active lifestyle with growing interests in physical movement and human anatomy.  In 2007, Allison attended massage therapy school with a specialization in sports massage.  Career interests and physical activity continued to grow and Allison also obtained her Personal Training Certification from The Cooper Institute in Dallas.  In 2010, Allison moved to Snyder, TX in order to start a life with her then boyfriend, now husband, Brandon Weaver.  Opportunities for yoga in rural West Texas were few and far between.  As a result, in 2012, Allison and her husband opened a fitness and wellness studio with 3 friends.  For two years, The Kinetic Co-op thrived while Allison had the opportunity to provide yoga, fitness classes and personal training to the community. 

And then came another itch.  The itch to move… and I mean really MOVE.  This was a bigger itch, a bigger decision and a bigger dream.  In 2014, Allison and Brandon closed the doors of their brick and mortar studio, sold their house and bought an Airstream Trailer… and MOVED.  They planned to travel the U.S. for 4 months, and then find a place to settle.  The allure of the road proved to be powerful and 4 months turned into 2 years. While on the road, Allison began morphing various fitness philosophies in order to enjoy and optimize outdoor training grounds.  These workouts and her desire to spread the motivation to move, led to the development of Vagabond Fitness and her website  No matter where you are in your life or in your fitness, Allison hopes to inspire you to move your body in a way that allows you to feel awesome, strong, powerful and ready to tackle every adventure that comes your way. 

Outside of the yoga studio Allison can be found playing outdoors with Brandon and their two hounds Pizza (Beagle) and Sammie Sandwich (Basset Hound).  Favorite things include riding bikes, running trails, eating delicious food, drinking wine, brewing craft beer, plotting travel plans and spending time with family and friends. Allison feels blissfully blessed that after 2 years of travel, they have landed in Salida and looks forward to moving, grooving and growing with this awesome community.