Rita Jean Flemming

Rita Jean Flemming

“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.” B.K.S. Iyengar

Rita Jean Flemming is a certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Iridologist, Yoga Instructor of Awareness in the Kundalini tradition, and a lifelong practitioner of Alignment in the Mindful-Movement Lineage of Iyengar Yoga.

She leads Regenerative retreats, workshops, mentorships, seminars, cleanses, and private consultations across the globe.  She works with cutting-edge human and nature technology to achieve greater awareness, freedom, and joy.  Her most loved passion is to assist others in finding their true nature, depths of gratitude, potential, and purpose.

She will be co-leading a Yoga, Sound-Healing, and Detoxification Retreat March 3rd-9th, at the beautiful Diamante Center, atop lush waterfalls, in the one and only Pura Vida Country of Costa Rica.  Please see the video below for details.



“Rita has been an incredible inspiration and a key piece of my own personal development. Her courage, dedication and support is unmatched. Her desire to evolve to the best version of herself is infectious. I wouldn’t be where I am without her support, knowledge and motivation. Thank you, Rita, you’re an amazing teacher. I’m honored to know you!”


“If you’re looking for a guide who is fully genuine with themselves and you, look no further. Rita’s authentic compassion to help others is her innate gift. She has an expansive array of tools to which she uses accordingly to each individual’s needs. Among these tools is her knowledge of plant-based nutrition. In Costa Rica, one year ago I had the honor to learn and adopt a diet that has healed Rita and many others in miraculous ways. Just one year later and I am the strongest, healthiest, and most ME I’ve ever been! I am eternally grateful to my devoted teacher, Rita.”


“The moment you get within 15 feet of Rita, you’ll know you’ve just entered a ‘special company’ zone. After you hear her story, you’ll want to heed her advice to become even a fraction of the success she embodies. It’s a beautiful combo when you get to work with a VERY bright light (or perhaps an angel) as well as someone who holds so much life experience-based knowledge. Both her heart and mind are in the right place when she is figuring out how to best help people. Don’t let her gentle demeanor fool you, inside she is a powerhouse—utilize that for your own wellness goals!”


“Rita Jean continuously enhances my life with her ever-expanding knowledge of Regeneration, Restoration, and Re-creation. My first introduction to her ability for structural transformation with my body came from her yoga knowledge and structural and energetic bodywork.

Her personal experience with miraculous regeneration through this practice and her ability to share her experience to catalyze my own amazing growth is a priceless gift she shares constantly with people all over the world. Rita’s knowledge, passion, and practices of living potent, and real nutrition are cutting edge, radically transformative, and incredibly delicious and diverse.

She has been researching and practicing the highest level of Live and Vibrational lifestyle through food choices for over the decade that I’ve known her, and her current practice and understanding is above and beyond any expression I’ve yet seen.

Rita’s ability to combine her personal health, diet, and activity practices while enhancing the lives of the people around her is the most marvelous thing about her. Whether at Yoga centers, ashrams, extreme sports gatherings in the mountains, coasts, forests, or jungles, retreat centers, education centers, research centers, and sustainability centers, her integration and application of pertinent information are unique and of the highest level.”


To learn more about Rita, please visit her at www.rebeldetox.com