with Megan Rae Kahn & Allison Workman


One Day Intensive, Saturday, Feb 10, 2018

10- 11:45a & 1:15-6:30p

Power Cardio Flow™ is a revolutionary approach to yoga and fitness, and has attracted a cult following of devoted yogis seeking a low impact, technically simple, yet high intensity practice. 

We have grown to love this class so much and we have worked hard to craft it just right…. Now is the time! We invite you to train in this format and help us share it with the world! 

This is a circuit style class blending long power yoga style holds, high intensity intervals, and vinyasa flows. We honor the practice of yoga, include meditation and pranayama and provide playful mini workshops on inversions and arm balances.  

Why we love teaching Power Cardio Flow™ and why you will too...

1. Adds the cardio you may not normally get in an everyday yoga class. Cardio is important for weight loss/maintenance, heart, mental and overall health. 

2. Helps build the strength required to flow more effortlessly in your other yoga classes.

3. High energy class with great music, fosters a positive & supportive community seeking a fun and lighthearted class. 

4. Because the class runs the same format for the month, it is a teacher’s dream. Less time planning classes day to day, week to week. Quality over quantity! 

5. Your students will feel exhausted, elated and energized and come running back for more!  

6. Arm balance workshop time! Over the course of the month, you will have practuce breaking down an arm balance, These mini immersions are a great way to grow your workshop teaching skills and prepare you for full intensive workshops if you so desire!

7. Stay lean, strong and fit while still getting your beloved dose of yoga in a flow state with the breath.  

8. Practice 1-3 times a week and you will see improvement! It works! 

9. The class supports you in form and function for the other things you do in your life. Whether hiking, running, biking, skiing, surfing, rafting, or chasing around your kids, this class is meant to help you feel more at ease in everything else you do. 

In this training, you will learn: 

The science behind the class – how it works, what makes it unique and how progress is achieved over a month

Teaching methodology, teaching techniques, finding your voice

Planning and designing a class, creative and safe sequencing

Yoga poses, proper alignment, breath guidance, and transitions

Form and Function of High intensity Interval training

Resistant Bands use and technique

How to guide mini workshops on arm balance poses

You will be provided with:

10 sample classes which you can use anywhere and everywhere!

The opportunity to guide this class at Yoga Olas

License to use the name Power Cardio Flow™ when teaching this class at other studios, as well as be included in our online listing of registered/qualified teachers. 



Open to yoga teachers holding 200 hrs of certification and/or Personal trainers
(while you do not have to hold a yoga teacher training certification, it is helpful, but not required)

Attend 3 PCF classes in person or online

Must attend 7 hour training in person and schedule an independent practice class with Megan and Allison

Have a positive attitude and be enthusiastic about sharing this format with others! 

We'd love for you to join us!

Price - $299
Early Bird discount $259 by January 25, 2018