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Lindsay Davis

Lindsay has practiced yoga for 7 years and has taught Shambhava (heart led) hatha yoga for over 4 years. She has guided classes and private students in the Front Range and mountains of Colorado for the last 4+ years and also has taught in Northern California.

Lindsay was inspired to try yoga because of pain and restriction in her body---but she stayed because yoga not only makes her feel good physically but also brings awareness and healing on deeper levels. She credits yoga as the start of her journey back home to herself.  She loves learning from teachers like Rolf Gates, Sadie Nardini, Lorraine Bradley and her personal mentor Sarada Erickson as well as other skilled, knowledgeable professionals who bring depth and a relatable quality to their teaching and also who are somewhat of unique mavericks in their field.

As a self described recovering perfectionist and Type-A people pleaser, Lindsay is passionate about working with those who are ready to be free to be fully who they are without the weight of all the old self-imposed “should’s”. She loves connecting people to not only accept who they are without condition but embrace their unique genius as their path on the mat and out in the world. She considers herself a bit of an “outlier” in yoga and life and her teaching style reflects that centered, authentic spark. She is not afraid to do things differently.

She says, “I believe that yoga should be about meeting you where you are and simultaneously making space to expand in who you are meant to be. Yoga is about bringing freedom through balance---fueling your own energy from the inside out and listening to your own inner rhythm. Each time we meet on the mat, it’s a time to practice being present, dropping our masks, and owning our truth ON the mat so we can embrace that process OFF the mat.”

Lindsay graduated from Om Ananda Yoga in Fort Collins, CO with her 300+ hours of training. She sees her education as ongoing----in formal trainings, self guided reading, her own yoga practice and also life journey.  When Lindsay isn’t teaching yoga she is a coach/mentor for unique women leaders. She is also a mother to a free spirit and wife to a warrior. Together they love learning, being outdoors having adventures and traveling on this beautiful planet.