Allie began her yogic journey sophomore year of college at the University of Tampa where she was introduced to several eastern world practices such as yoga, tai chi and meditation. An instant remembrance and passion for the practices came over her and she began her spiritual path out west. Allie travelled to Taos, New Mexico and spent a year there visiting spiritual centers, studying eastern philosophies and yoga before moving up to Fort Collins. Fascinated by political systems from around the world, Allie completed school with a degree in Political Science while devotedly attending classes at Core Power.

A passion for health and wellness blossomed when she met her twin flame, Ford, through friends at CSU. They embarked on a conscious eating & living journey and have never looked back. A month before completing her 200-hour teacher training with Core Power in Austin, Texas, Allie and Ford discovered they were expecting a little one! Allie continued to teach yoga classes and privates to locals in Stephenville, Texas while also leading the Tarleton State Football Team in yoga four times a week until Ford graduated and they moved back to Allie’s hometown, Naples, Florida! Ivan was born and soon after Allie & Ford decided that they wanted to get back to the mountains to live a mindful and sustainable life very connected to nature.

The family relocated to Cotopaxi in the Summer of  2014 and recently bought a new home in Howard where they welcomed and birthed baby Rafe earthside earlier this spring. Allie and Ford have plans of expanding Salida’s healthy eating options to include a new surprise opening this winter!

As a former competitive cheerleader and dancer, Allie finds that yoga helps her stay engaged and aligned in poses she already has the flexibility for. A practice to wear out and quiet her busy Gemini mind keeps her balanced and grounded as she flows through life as best she can. A student in all aspects, Allie enjoys learning about everything from Aryuveda and herbalism to finding more ways to sustainably farm and live off of their land. A practitioner of power & vinyasa for the strength and endurance of her body, yin & restorative for the peace of her mind, and pranayama & meditation for the connectedness of her spirit.

After subbing and teaching classes in the area, Allie is finally ready and incredibly grateful to share her magic with the community. Aligning with the breath has transformed Allie’s yoga practice and is therefore a major focus in her classes. Setting a solid foundation is fundamental to be able to flow through the poses with ease and grace.