Lisa discovered yoga just at the right time, 5 years after beginning her successful massage practice (1995) in Lakewood, CO.  This allowed her to heal her body after giving many massages to others and also to share tools of self-love to her clients through breath work, stretching, and listening deeply to what the body needs through recovering health.  Lisa earned her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Certification in 2000 from Roseanna Frechette of Inner City Yoga, Denver.  Other Hatha Yoga Certifications and teachers include Tias Little, Santa Fe (2006) and Swami Kaliswar, Southern India,at thePenukonda Ashram (2011-2012).

Since then Lisa has deepened her yoga training, becoming Certified in Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), 2004, at the Kundalini Yoga Center of Crestone with Dan and Sue Retuta, and her lead trainer Dyal Singh Khalsa.   Kundalini Yoga is a powerful inherent energy in all of us which awakens through asanas (postures), prana (breath), mudras (hand positions), and mantra (chanting), thereby strengthening our nervous, glandular, and energy systems.  Other Level 2 Kundalini teacher trainings include: Authentic Relationships (2010), Conscious Communication (2010), and Vitality and Stress (2011), 

As Lisa began to feel the transformation of Energy through Kundalini Energy, she explored Body and Brain Energy Yoga Training and became a Dahn (Energy) Master in August, 2015 from Mago Retreat Center, Sedona, Arizona.  Her new integrative Yoga practice is called Energy Spirit Yoga (or ESP Yoga). This dynamic yoga allows the student to release blocked energy and emotions through the opening of Meridians (12 Energy lines), acupressure points (365) and the 7 major energy centers in our body which corresponds to the internal organs and 7 chakras.  The opening of this energy is called Ki (or Chi)  and brings a spiritual connection of the physical body, emotional or heart center, and our divine intuitive energy into One source called cosmic energy or life particles, inviting us to heal ourselves and others.  

Lisa's classes are healing, nurturing, and challenging for both the body and  brain and suited for all levels of students. Be prepared for a transformative class awakening inner energy, power, to induce a meditative, peaceful state and discover your brain and body's full potential of unlimited energy.

Outside of the yoga studio you can find Lisa helping the Salida Hospital (HRRMC) nurture their oncology patients through massage and yoga classes, working at her private massage and yoga studio in downtown Salida, and facilitating  healing ESP Yoga and Massage retreats in her Crestone Retreat Center.  Lisa shares her life, of full moon hikes, gardening, and hot springing with her partner, David in Salida and enjoys visiting her two adult children in Lakewood and Golden.   

Her philosophy of all yogic traditions is simple:  Yoga=Love, Love=Yoga