Megan Rae Kahn is mama to three, owner and manager of Yoga Olas, and the creator of Power Ebb & Flow™ and Power Cardio Flow™.  She leads workshops, retreats & teacher trainings and considers yoga to be one of her greatest passions and biggest joys.  Megan is also an attorney & managing partner with The Conundrum Group, LLP, a Salida based firm focused on business and commercial litigation.

Megan’s goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone and to provide a warm and welcoming studio space for connection and transformation.  Now an experienced guide for 13 years, she is proud to be a graduate of Core Power's second ever teacher training program in 2005, then led by Dave Porter, Trevor Tice and Alanna Kaivalya.  

Her teaching style has evolved into her signature class - Power Ebb & Flow™ - a challenging, dynamic, meditative, and powerful vinyasa flow.  Her popular Power Cardio Flow™ format is a revolutionary approach to yoga fitness and serves yogis seeking a technically simple, high intensity practice.  Megan continues to work closely with her mentor Alanna Kaivalya, and holds hundreds of hours of additional training with various experts like Sadie Nardini, Janet Stone, Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea and Travis Eliot. 

Megan’s classes are blissful, lighthearted, and challenging.  She emphasizes moving with ease while playing the edge.  You can expect inspirational quotes, poetry and music to enhance the feel good vibes.  She loves seeing students tune into the idiosyncrasies of their own practice over time, find alignment with self, and learn to live authentic and inspired lives. 

Her background and expertise in the drastically different practices of law and yoga provide her a unique skillset with which to approach difficult problems with strength, grace and ease.  With the Conundrum Group, Megan's practice currently focuses on brand management, strategy, and trademark protection.  She helps business owners locally and across the country protect the rights to their unique and artistic creations. 

Humbled to call Salida home, Megan is incredibly grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing families, creative & artistic visionaries, entrepreneurs and outdoors lovers. 

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